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Saving Money     

Controlling Costs

Here are some ideas on how to keep costs down for your event at Mountain Meadows Lodge.

We're happy to help you strategize on how you might be able to do some trimming in some areas if you're "on a budget".

If you need some additional ideas, please feel free to contact us. If you'd like us to email a quote, use this form.

Off season rates

Book your wedding before Memorial Day or after Columbus Day. This will reduce the site fee.

Control your guest list

Consider having your reception indoors rather than on the lawn under a tent. For indoor events at Mountain Meadows Lodge, keep your guest list under 70 for a sit-down affair; or under 125 for a cocktail-style reception.

Food Service

Plan cost-conscious meals with Bill. A Friday night cookout can be hamburgers and hot-dogs rather than steak and shrimp!

For a real informal feel you can consider disposable cups, dishes, flatware rather than formal china.

Bar Service

Consult with Mountain Meadows Lodge staff and see how offering keg beer can save money.

Consider offering open bar for beer and wine rather than a full open bar.

Consider offering open bar for a limited time period, say during the cocktail hour and dinner.

Other ideas

Be creative. Be inventive. Some wedding groups have made (yes, made!) tablecloths for the wedding reception [and then donated these items to camps or some other worthy charitable organization.]

Consider bringing all your decoration supplies (center-pieces, flower arrangements) to Mountain Meadows and assembling them here with your friends and family.

Many wedding groups build their own personalized arbor or chuppah.