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Mountain Meadows Lodge is a 23 room, boutique lodge nestled between Kent Pond and Mountain Views. With views of Pico to the East and Kent Pond to the West, it is the Vermont retreat for every season.

The historic farm has been lovingly renovated to embrace modern comfort while preserving the New England architecture and rustic details. Accommodation is separated into Barnhouse and Farmhouse rooms, all offering premium comfort, beautiful design and contemporary touches with newly constructed en-suite bathrooms. There are sample spaces for lounging and relaxing with Lounges, terraces and a games room perfect for the yourng and young at heart.

The Kent Bar and Bistro serves Drinks, Dinner and Breakfast in a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere. Mountain Meadows is the perfect spot for a wedding or family reunion.

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Y'all are amazing! We could not have asked for a better weekend or experience. Thank you for being part of our special day!
Emily & Cheri

Dear Bill & MM friends,
Thank you so much for all your hard work and making our wedding absolutely perfect! We really could not have imagined anything better, and we were just talking about how we would love to do it over again! (and wouldn't change a thing!)

-Anna & Nate

Dear Bill
We were there for my son's wedding on Sept 9-10th, Chris and Jaclyn, and couldn't be more pleased with your helpful staff and accommodations. It was a perfect weekend. Thank you all for making it very special.

Connie & Gary

The Mountain Meadows team has vast experience making people comfortable; they understand how to make a complex gathering such as this weekend wedding infinitely more relaxed. There are a thousand decisions to make in any wedding, perhaps especially for today's wedding ceremonies because of the increasingly wide range of personal choice open to couples and families for how to conduct such a major life event; the staff listened to us carefully, took copious notes on our personal preferences, and guided us through the time with suggestions that added clarity and ease to the progression of various features of the ceremony itself as well as the overall flow of people. They had tremendous sensitivity to the nature of a time when two families are joining together, each of which is simultaneously experiencing a huge family reunion. Every staff member was warmly welcoming and responsive; the "vibe" there is of calm and competence from those in overall leadership roles down to those with more specific duties such as assembling and disassembling the tent. It's even a little bit magical how everyone took care of our smallest requests immediately.

The goats and pony enchanted everyone, particularly our two-year-old grandson and other children. The beauty of the setting -- a chance to canoe or kayak on a beautiful small lake where we saw loons and a Bald eagle our first morning out-- hiking opportunities from almost the back door, and game opportunities indoors and out gave the guests plenty of room to seek out chances to play.
The atmosphere overall was conducive to an enormously successful weekend for everyone, and I am personally grateful and appreciative of the warmth and competence we experienced throughout the months of preparation and decision-making as well as the weekend itself.

All the best! Susan

Dear Anne & Bill,

Now that the "Confetti" has settled, after the wedding, and life is getting back to normal here (whatever "normal" is), we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing us with the perfect setting for Alyssa's and Alex's wedding (July 30th).

I must admit I had some doubts about whether the venue was right for our gathering. I worried about things like no AC, the rustic setting for some of our "fussier" guests, the weather, etc. Alyssa and Alex were so sure about MML being the place for them, that we went along with it.

We are so glad that we did! As it turns out, it WAS the perfect setting for our family and friends. Everyone just settled in and felt so comfortable and at home. The young kids had a blast. They loved having the run of the place: the game room, the animals, helping built the bonfire, canoeing out to an island (I have NO idea what THAT was about, but they were with their dad and uncle, so I assume it was OK.) Our friends who were staying at other venues made the most of MML, also, and loved every minute of it.

The BBQ was great and the bonfire was a huge hit with adults and kids alike. The wedding dinner was delicious. People were raving about the food and the setting.

The best part for all of us was the incredible service of your staff. All of us were so impressed by how friendly and helpful every single person was:

Bill and the kitchen staff putting together those fantastic meals. Anne doing everything from counting and folding napkins to lining up the babysitter. Candace was wonderful, and so positive and upbeat about every detail that came up. Alex was amazing! He was so personable, remembering every guest's name, and magically appearing whenever anyone needed anything (including drinks!). Lauren was superwoman: one moment she was the wedding facilitator, insuring that table settings and details were as they should be, next she would be serving meals and drinks! Matt was totally willing to do anything to make anyone happy and comfortable.

Our guests were raving about the setting, but the comments about your staff were nonstop and nothing but positive. It was their incredibly positive and friendly attitudes that we all appreciated so much.

Thank you to all of you for working together to make their wedding everything that Alyssa and Alex were hoping for. Good luck with your OWN wedding this month (perhaps it has already occurred?). We hope that Lauren's wedding this fall will also be all that she is hoping for.

Thanks again!
Margot and Dave V

Facebook post June 7, 2016

Our wedding weekend up at Mountain Meadows Lodge was simply wonderful and perfect without me fully knowing what I thought would make the best time for me and David and our friends and family. It was relaxed and zany at the same time. Full or heart and surprises! Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special: family, friends and the Mountain Meadows Lodge staff! I couldn't be happier as I reflect upon our 5 days up in Vermont while lazily sipping an iced coffee while on Nantucket with David on our mini moon.
-Becca & David

28 May 2016

Our honeymoon has come to an end, and I just wanted to reach out to you guys to thank you. Our wedding couldn't have been more beautiful thanks to all of your hard work. We appreciate everything so much. All of the details came together for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for dealing with everything, from our dog, to shenanigans- we appreciate your patience, guidance and hospitality! We couldn't imagine anything better and I can't thank you enough!!!! I will also write a review soon but wanted to extend my thanks directly to you first.
We will be in touch:)
-Jenny and Kevin

30 May 2016

Wow! Thank you all so much! I do believe that your staff's attentiveness to all the details, made the weekend absolutely PERFECT! It was certainly everything (and more) that Kevin and Jenny had hoped for! I am still in awe of each and every member of your team! I am looking forward to seeing you all again!
Best Regards, -Kathy LeSage

May 25, 2016

Hi Bill,
What a fantastic time my family and I had at Mountain Meadows! Kevin & Jenn's wedding was so beautiful thanks to you and your amazing staff! From the beginning to end it was perfect!! Thank you so much! Maybe we can all come back for a family reunion?!
-Aunt Pegs!

May 24, 2016 Hi Bill,

I hope you got to celebrate your son's graduation. Also hope your team recovered after all the running around. You of course were so accommodating and I even wanted to tell you to stop being so nice 😉 Everyone was great - Candice, Lauren, and Alex especially really are something. I will come around to the online review soon enough... We wish it was still happening and I got to enjoy the VT air a bit longer (Isis [dog] however, was all about getting home to our bed, which she stayed in for two consecutive days hah!)

To: The wonderful staff at Mountain Meadows...
Just want to say Thank You for such a beautiful weekend! Alex deserves a BIG raise! Thanks to him tons for dealing with our crazy party. The food was amazing and couldn't have asked for better service! Thank you!
-Brook B and Tom M

Jan 2016
Dear Bill, Anne, Lauren, Dave & staff at MML,
We just wanted to say thank you again for helping us to have the best wedding and day of our lives! Everything you guys did throughout the process was so helpful and thoughtful. We appreciate all your hard work very much.
-Ken & Andrea

19 Nov 2015

Dear Bill, Lauren, Dave, and the whole crew at MML -
So many big thank you's for all the hard work you did to take care of us on the big day. We couldn't have asked for a nicer team to work with - thanks for making everything so easy, seamless, and a dream come true for us. We promise to send more people your way!
All the best,
-Katherine & Josh

1 Oct 2015

Dear Bill, Anne, Lauren, Dave and all other MML Staff,
Thank you so much for working with us throughout this process, and putting together the perfect weekend! We really appreciate everyone's hard work. All of our guests really enjoyed themselves and so did we. It was amazing! With love,
-Andrea & Ken

22 September 2015

Bill, Anne, Dave, Lauren and all,
Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and for the awesome rehearsal dinner and wedding that you provided for our son and daughter in law. The food was incredible! You made us feel like we were family.
God Bless!
-Julie and Richard B.


Bill, Anne, Dave & Lauren,
Kevin & I don't know how to thank you enough for the amazing job that you all did in helping to make our wedding weekend absolutely PERFECT for us!! We could not be happier with how everything went! I had not ONE bit of stress at all the entire weekend and I owe that all to you! Had I not felt 100% confident and comfortable with you, I would not have been able to let go and just be in every moment. You all, in my opinion, went above & beyond to make things happen! The food, ambiance, lodging, friendliness and overall family friendly feel has led to so many people commenting on what a wonderful wedding we had. Some have even said it was the best wedding they've ever been too!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We WILL be back!!!
-Teresa & Kevin


Dear Bill,
I just returned home last night from a weekend at your Mountain Meadows Lodge where my son had his wedding. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful time we all had. The relaxing atmosphere and scenic views were only the beginning. The staff was so friendly and really cared about our needs. The food was OUTSTANDING and the baked goods in the morning, homemade by PV were delicious! The attention to detail was second to none. There were about 50 of us there and everyone felt the same way. I only wish I knew about this delightful spot in Vermont when my children were growing up. It would have been a place where memories are made. My compliments to everyone and everything! I will never forget this special occasion.
Thank you!
-Linda T. F.


Thanks again for all you did to make the wedding so fabulous! We really appreciated all you did. Your staff is all so friendly and just a bunch of great people.
-Sue [Mother of the bride]


Bill, Dave, Lauren & the rest of the MML staff-

Thank you so much for making our wedding so fun and memorable! The lodge was perfect for our group. Everyone enjoyed the peaceful, scenic setting, and you were all tremendously helpful and flexible on wedding day. Dave and Lauren were especially attentive to our wishes and trying to make them happen in spite of the elements – and did so successfully. I was very impressed with their ability to transform the reception after a location change. I loved the result! Bill, you were very helpful nd accommodating throughout the entire process. You all made us feel like you had the day under control, which is a huge relief to a bride. Our friends and family continued to comment on the beautiful venue, and the fun conversations they had with each of you! Thanks again for making our day unique and special to us! We will send pictures!

-Andrea & Nick

Crazy how time flies - hard to believe a month has already passed. We cant begin to THANK YOU for all your help, hardwork, endless hours and making our weekend absolutely perfect! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! So excited to get our photos back and relive our weekend at MML. We got only the best reviews from our guest about the location, food and amazing, friendly staff.

-Jen & Tyler

Dear Bill, Dave, Lauren and Anne,

I think back on last weekend with so much love-[a little sadness that's it's over]-and thanks to all of you for everything you did to make Ariel and John's wedding perfect. They could not have wanted anything different, nor could we.

Your hospitality, nonstop industry, cooking, graciousness, good calm cheer, and complete accessibility before, during, and after, made for a memorable wedding. The guests ALL had an amazing time, as did this mom and dad, and the couple. Your little touches and constant tending to matters big and small, your taking care of all business while staying in the background, were noticed by Dan and me, and we have only thanks and appreciation for your efforts.

Mountain Meadows is definitely a sublime venue for a wedding!

Also, the links on your own website proved to be terrific for us: Greenbrier, Birch Ridge and Cascades, Bonnie Hawley, and Mountain Cuts. I will let them know how happy our guests and we were-and want you to know that your recommendations are spot on! It is very helpful that you have connections with these venues, as well as links on your own site.

All the best,
-Toby and Dan

First I would like to say we had the loveliest of times at Mountain Meadows a few weeks ago at Libby and Dave's wedding. It seemed that good vibes just coated the atmosphere. Thank you Bill and staff. You all were gracious and patient.

-Diane M [Mother of the bride]

Bill, Anne, Dave, Lauren, PV, and everyone else,

We didn't get to say a proper goodbye to you all (except Dave!), but we wanted to send an email to say thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding weekend so wonderful! The food was delicious (and we were particularly impressed by your excellent execution of the new dishes--the cauliflower was especially yummy!), and the ceremony and everything else went off very easily. It was nice to know you were taking care of all of the details and were so organized.

Thank you so much for all you did for us! We had a great time at our wedding!

-Corey and Sydney

Bill, Anne, Lauren, Dave and Mountain Meadows staff-
We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work for making our wedding perfect! It was a great weekend and everyone had a blast. We'll send you pictures once we get them!
-Keri and Aden [Married 7/12/2014]

Thank you so so much! We had such an amazing weekend, and are beyond happy with the way everything turned out. You guys made things so easy and seamless. What else can we say, it was perfect 🙂
Thanks again!!
-Chris & Aoife [Married 6/21/14]

Dear Mountain Meadows Staff,
Thank you for helping make our special day the more special! With your attention to detail, hospitality and support, you made us feel like family. Everything we imagined and planned for our wedding came true because of all of you. We hope to return to that magic soon!
Thank you,
-Ana and Angela 8/3/13 - "Summer Camp of Love"

Bill, Anne, & Staff,
Thank you all for making our wedding day so amazing!
-Mr. & Mrs. L

September 2013
Dear Bill and Anne,
I just wanted to thank you for all that the two of you and your staff at Mountain Meadows did to make Jessie and Ryan’s wedding so beautiful and wonderful. It truly was a very touching and fun wedding and you had a huge part in that.
Both of you were extremely helpful throughout the entire process and had excellent ideas, gave us terrific guidance. The wedding had exactly the kind of “country” feel we hoped for – with a sense of elegance as well. I think that everyone had a fabulous time.
Again, thank you so much for all that you did.
Best to you both,
-Beth S.-S. [mother-of-the-bride]

August, 2013
Bill & Anne-
Thank you, Dave, Lauren and the rest of the staff for such a memorable weekend! We received nothing but compliments on how wonderful everything was, from the grounds, to the food. Everything was perfect!
Best Wishes,
-Abe & Anne Marie [Groom and Bride, July 2013]

July 15, 2013
Dear Anne & Bill-
Thank you again for the wonderful weekend. My brother's wedding went perfectly, and was very beautiful. You guys really make it look easy, though I'm sure it's not! We look forward to staying with you again in the future sometime, and wish you a great rest of the summer!
Take care,
-Lesley & Fabien

June 26, 2013
Hi Bill, Anne, Dave, Lauren, PV, et al,
Thank you again for making Holly and Alex' wedding weekend absolutely perfect!! You will all have a special place in our hearts always. We will definitely be up to visit at some point, just to soak in the warmth and beauty that is Mountain Meadows Lodge!
From the first time we met you, we knew that you are both very special people. It has been a pleasure to work with you and have you help us make Holly and Alex' wedding a wonderful relaxing experience.
Thank you so much for being who you are, having a gorgeous location and making us feel like family!
-Andrea [Mother of the bride]

Jun 4, 2013
Hi All,
I think we have finally recovered from our amazing wedding weekend. The food was absolutely fantastic and we really appreciate everything you did to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable. So many friends and family came up to us throughout the weekend and said, "How did you find this place, it is the most perfect wedding venue!" We couldn't agree more:)
-Christina & Chad

August 8, 2012
Had an absolutely amazing time for our wedding weekend! I could not have asked for anything better! Love everyone at Mountain Meadows for making our wedding so special! We are so grateful! So many avid wedding goers came up to us with comments about the uniqueness of the Mountain Meadows experience. We shot for a non-"cookie cutter" wedding and got it in spades. People will talk about the food for decades to come. I felt like I was in the best of hands 100% of the time. Any situation (rain) that presented itself was no match for the experience, wisdom and generosity of a crew consisting of top shelf people such as Drew, Steve, Dave, Lauren, Bill, Ann, Duke and Alice. Thank you a million times
-2012 Bride

Nov 2012
Bill, Anne, and Dave
Thank you for all your help making our wedding day the one of our dreams. Everything you did was above and beyond our expectations. We couldn't imagine having our wedding any place else.
-Teri & Ben

Hi Bill, Anne and Dave,
Jeremy and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and all your staff! We had such a great time last weekend and couldn’t have asked for a better wedding weekend. Everything went so perfect and all our guest have raved about what a great time they had and how they want to do it all over again J
You were all such a big part of making that weekend so special so for that we are grateful!
Jeremy and I are going to plan a trip up there again this winter for a long weekend visit. We miss it up there already and can’t wait to come back. We will be in touch again soon…
Much love,
-Ashlee & Jeremy

Bill, Anne, Dave & crew
Thank you all so much for putting on a fabulous wedding!! We had such an amazing time and we can’t wait to come back for vacation! Maybe we will try to ski one winter!
-The very happy Anna & Jeff

Dear Bill, Anne & Dave,
Thank you so much for hosting our beautiful wedding at Mountain Meadows. We were thrilled with every aspect of the whole weekend. Thank you for all of your help & hospitality that you gave to us & our guests - everyone felt so welcome. Many thanks & hope to see you all soon.
-Jess & Ryan

Dear Anne, Bill, Lauren, Dave, P.V., Drew and everyone at Mountain Meadows:
We would like to thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding more than we could have ever hoped! The entire weekend was perfect and everyone had such a good time! Many guests commented on how this was the best wedding they had been to, how amazing the food was the entire weekend, and how much they loved Mountain Meadows Lodge. Especially Alice! We really cannot thank you enough for your willingness to accommodate all of our requests, for just going above and beyond, and for truly making our wedding absolutely amazing. You hold a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to come stay there again.
Thank you!
-Jess & Mike

Dear Bill and Anne,
Many, many thanks to you and your staff for the hard work and special touches that went into a perfect wedding weekend, after the long wait. The venue couldn't be nicer, and I'm glad to hear you've had some inquiries for the future from our gang. All the staff, most especially Lauren and Dave, were so helpful, no matter what came up, and I was glad to hear from Dave that the perceived stress level was low enough to make him happy. I certainly had nothing to be stressed about, thanks to you all.
All the best,
-Deming [Mother of the bride]

Dear Bill
You, Anne, and your staff did a fantastic job with the wedding and the entire weekend. You have a beautiful property and run a first class mountain resort/lodge.
-Jonathan [wedding guest]

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding absolutely perfect! From all the emails and meetings before the weekend to the jokes and attention to details during the weekend, you made the process and the event fun and memorable. We could never have imagined our wedding would be so perfect and we truly have you to thank for that. Over a month later we bask in the wonderfulness of that weekend constantly. Thank you, thank you a million times!
-Emily & Ryan

Thank you for making our wedding perfect. I thought putting together a ceremony was simple but you asked questions about so many details I hadn't thought of. With your guidance, the ceremony was easy and perfect. We really appreciated your easy-going manner and your willingness to help to help us at all times. You made the whole weekend relaxed and fun and we will be forever grateful for that. You are a genius at what you do and we feel lucky to have been able to work with you.
Thank you a million times for a perfect wedding.
-Emily & Ryan

Bill and Anne,
Thank you thank you, thank you for a perfect wedding weekend. In our wildest dream we could not have imagined a more perfect weekend and that was thanks largely to you and your staff. Any detail we forgot about or didn't think of you were ready for. You anticipated our needs and wants often before we recognized them. There was always someone on hand to answer questions or problem solve with us. You created a relaxed atmosphere for everyone, especially us. You put together a beautiful and delicious reception. The food was absolutely incredible especially our risotto recipe that you made. We were so happy to have one of our favorite dishes on our wedding day. The cake was beautiful and exactly what we imagined. Guests are still telling us how much they loved the location and everything about the weekend.

We had a good feeling when we came up to tour Mountain Meadows and throughout all our interactions and we know that there is no better place to get married. So many people have told me that they would never do a wedding again. We absolutely would. You made it so fun and just perfect, we would do it all again.

Thank you for everything!
-Emily & Ryan

I have to say it again, thank you all so much for everything you did for our wedding. It was a dream wedding that even I could not have imagined, and all my plans would not have meant much if you all were not there to carry them out flawlessly. All of our wedding guest are still talking about it and many of our family are anxious to get back up to Vermont. Thank you for taking pride in what it is you do, it is inspiring, and it is truly a gift to those who comes up there for one of the biggest days (or weeks!) of their lives. You have a magical little corner of the world! Mountain Meadows will always have a special place in our hearts and we know we will be back again and again!
Until then, much love and respect,
-Erin and Bryan

We had an amazing weekend! We had family and friends from all corners of the country and even abroad. Bill, Anne, Dave, Lauren and the rest of the crew were wonderful! They went above and beyond all expectations. The ceremony was amazing. All day activities on the awesome property, and dinner was awesome. The cooking was unreal. We wanted vegan food and Bill make an amazing spread. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day as great as it was. We will, and so will our guests, remember this day for our whole lives! Great fun!
-Travis & Chelsie

Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. Danny and I and our families and friends have had the most spectacular wedding celebration. The whole staff was terrific available and helpful in the busy days and the quiet ones. We can’t wait to come back.
-Ellie & Danny

Dear Anne and Bill
What a relaxing comfortable place. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant. The setting was perfect. Bill’s recommendation of M.B. to officiate was fabulous. The food was great. We’re just sorry Alice was in bed for the ceremony. You all did an outstanding job. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for making our wedding so special.
-Elinor & Carl 5/12/2012

May 5, 2012
Had an amazing weekend here for our wedding. Everyone here was so great, I never could have imagined how perfect this would be. All our guests enjoyed themselves and kept commenting on how this place was perfect. I thank all of the wonderful staff, along with Bill and Anne, you made our wedding a dread come true.
-Mark & Jade

Anne, Bill & Dave,
I just wanted to thank you for helping to make Travis and Chelsie's wedding weekend FABULOUS! You and the staff helped them to create the wedding they had wanted - unique, green, Vermont, and just welcoming & friendly. We all enjoyed our time up there and your entire staff were a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend Mountain Meadow Lodge to others.
Thanks again,
-Becky Counsell [Mother of the Groom, June 2012

The perfect country wedding and a Blessed day! Thank you infinitely and eternally Mountain Meadows for helping us create such wonderful magic!! We love you!
-Ben and Sarah [October 8th 2011]

Just a small note to let you know how much we appreciated your hospitality toward our families and friends during Karen & Liz's wedding weekend. You and your entire staff couldn't have treated us with more welcome and warmth if we had been family!! Your attention to detail and all things special provided the girls with a "dream come true" -- exactly the wedding they wanted.
Best wishes to all the Mountain Meadows Family,

-Pete & Bernie [parents of the bride, Sept. 2011]

Bill & Anne,
Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more. Thank you to Bill, Anne, Dave, Drew, Tiffany, Lauren, and PV Hall for making our special day absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for everything you've done to make our special day perfect. We both appreciate it!
-Andrea & Ben [Sept. 24 2011]

Dear Bill & Anne-
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping to make Liz & Karen’s wedding a memory that will last forever! You have a beautiful location and I cannot fully describe how “at home” we felt the entire weekend! We loved how quiet it is in your area and the lake is beautiful – the hiking is great! Who could ask for more?!? I also wanted to compliment your staff – they were there for all our needs during the weekend – very nice and helpful. We will definitely be visiting your area in the future when we venture away from New Mexico.
-Paul & Susan S

[Parents of the Bride, 24 August 2011]

Hi David,
I would like to thank you for the great time you made my son's wedding. Jim and Beth are home and very happy ... You and your crew were great with everyone and the few celiac's too ... We all had a very good time, thanks to you. Hope to see you all soon.

-Jackie & Bob [Sept 2011]

Dear Bill & Anne
We stayed with you for the Mike and Tracy wedding over the weekend of 6/11/11... My family has traveled the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, and Europe. We have stayed at many different resorts and have met many different hosts. We found the hospitality and profesionalism of you and your staff second to none. Everyone associated with your inn was more than willing to go out of their way for anything that we needed. Your staff is fantastic.
-Peter [June 2011]

Bill, Anne, Dave, Tiffany, Rebecca, PV & everyone at Mountain Meadows –
There is really no way to express our appreciation – “thank you” is nowhere near enough – you all truly opened your doors to us as a home for the weekend where we all had the time of our lives – MML is a magical place for love, friendship and celebration to truly flourish – we love you guys and our wedding was more special than our wildest dreams because of your genuine warmth and care.
-Darcie [bride Feb 2011]

To all: - Thank you. Our wedding was perfect, from the first meeting to the final payment (you nailed it). For your professionalism and your attention to detail Darcie and I will be eternally grateful.
Thank you so much,
-Jared [groom Feb 2011]

Tracy posted on Mountain Meadows Lodge's Facebook Wall:
"We can't thank you enough for the amazing wedding weekend we had! Everything was perfect! Can't wait to visit again!"
[Tracy, bride, June 2011]

I wanted to add my thanks for a great wedding weekend. We could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend and your staff and family were great. They made us feel at home and were extremely helpful anytime anything was needed. The food was great as well as the presentation. The desert and chese table was especially nice. I forgot to get the granola recipe from PV. She and Dave did a great job and everyone enjoyed the food. There were so many special touches, incluing the torches and extra lighting for the bonfire, to moving our flowers to the reception area so we got full use of them. We had to plan this wedding from afar and amazingly enough everything went very smoothly thank to your staff and family.
We will have to plan a future family reunion or other event there as we had such a great time.

Thanks again for everything,
Marilyn [Mother of the bride, June 2011]

Bill, Anne, Dave and Staff,
Thank you so much for all of your help on our wedding day! I was so impressed with how easy going you all were – and how helpful & professional the staff was! Thanks to Dave for helping us move furniture (and his sense of humor!). I will never forget the beautiful lodge and our time there.

Kathy & Jeff [April 2011]

Dear Bill, Anne, Dave,
I wanted to send you a quick note to again say "thanks" for the wonderful time you provided for all of us this past weekend for Kathy and Jeff's wedding. The setting was perfect, the food was great and your staff was wonderful!... A special thanks to Rebbecca for her bartending expertise... she is a real asset to your team. I will be recommending Mountain Meadows to everyone I know as a great place to hold an event or just to get away.

Thank you,
Craig [Father of the groom, Mar 2011]

What an amazing weekend we have had! All of our family and friends loved staying at Mountain Meadows - it felt like home. Thank you for making our most special of occasions truly special, meaningful, care-free and simply spectacular.

We love you all and will be back!
Darcie - BRIDE, Feb. 26, 2011

MML is a great place to relax w/ real unpretentious people who appreciate elegance and charm, but don't need to constantly talk about it

Wonderful, Special, Thank You,
Jared, THE GROOM, 2-26-11

Dear Anne & Bill

A belated thank you for the wonderful days we enjoyed at Mountain Meadows to celebrate Elise & Jude's wedding. The location was beautiful, the food delicious & the hospitality you and the staff offered outstanding. Jude and Elise found the perfect place. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated how special you made this precious event.

Mary Ann A [mother of the bride, December, 2010]

Dear Bill, Anne, Dave, & Staff

Thanks you all so much for all your hard work during our wedding weekend. We had the best time, and so did all our guests. Thanks for the support you provided during the planning process. We will always be grateful for your efforts in providing us with the best wedding ever!

Dawn & Steve [September, 2010]

Dear Ann & Bill

A belated thank you for the wonderful days we enjoyed at Mountain Meadows to celebrate Elise & Jude's wedding. The location was beautiful, the food delicious & the hospitality you and the staff offered outstanding. Jude & Elise found the perfect place. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated how special you made this precious event.

MaryAnn A [mother of the bride, September, 2010]

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to tell you again that you guys at Mountain Meadows are AWESOME!!! We had the best possible wedding we could ever dream of and it is because we chose to have it at Mountain Meadows! Thank you for everything! ...now I am enjoying getting all of the photos and notes from our guests saying what a wonderful time they had. Kevin's brother now wants to get a pot bellied pig! Again, I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all that you do! It was a dream! We will be back soon!

Caitlin [June, 2010]

Hi Bill,

Thanks again for an amazing wedding weekend. I can't tell you how perfect everything was. It was truly a memorable experience for all!

Sara and Alex [Sept., 2009]

Dear Bill and Anne and all of the staff,

I must admit I am having difficulty getting back to the real world after the glorious weekend I spent at Mountain Meadows for my son's wedding. Jesse and Lynne had specific ideas for their wedding celebration and you advised them well on how to fulfill those plans. Your guidance enabled them to provide a great party weekend for all of their friends and family. We were able to celebrate the marriage of a really special couple just the way they wanted it. I wouldn't change anything-food, setting, lodging, music-all was sooo Jesse and Lynne! Thanks for everything. My family had a blast!

Betty (mother of the groom) [Jul 23, 2009]

You're probably tired of all the compliments, so I'd like to complain... but, I can't! Having Alison's wedding here made a magic moment even more special! Bill- your staff have been awesome! A true reflection of you're gracious manor. And Alice!!! What can we say? Thanks for everything - even feeding the tired, hungry, late arrivals! We'll be back.

Mike and Kathy [May 30, 2009]

Common themes appear in this journal: 1) People tend to love this place; 2) Many return visits occur; 3) Happy memories take place regularly. My family is definitely in the majority opinion. We had a fantastic weekend celebrating the wedding of my youngest sister, and are already making pans for a return visit - hopefully in the autumn.

The staff here are incredible - friendly and accommodating, and Bill and Ann [sic] have a beautiful friendly family. Bill - your culinary skills are brilliant. Ann - your guided hike on the AT leg was extremely enjoyable.

Thanks so much for providing a true home away from home.

With love, Mikael, Leslie & Atticus [May 24, 2009]

I had the most perfect day yesterday when I married Mr. Wonderful. I have never been happpier in my life! Can't thank everyone enough for making our special day that much more Wonderful. Everything was perfect!

MaryAnne [May 9-10, 2009]

Hi Bill and Anne!

Thank you again for giving us the perfect wedding weekend! It was MAGICAL!!! Twelve days later our guests are still raving about the entire event. We couldn't be happier with how everything came together, it was seamless! You have really perfected having an event at your lodge. We felt like we were at home and I know our guests felt the same way. Your staff was so professional but on a very personable level. The food was excellent and the tables were beautiful. Todd noticed that your staff didn't miss a beat when it began to rain, they just continued to set the tables and knew it was a passing shower. Thanks to my crew, I didn't even know it was raining which kept my stress level at a minimum. Todd and I are trying to figure out how we could do it all again next year!!
You and your lodge are embedded in our hearts forever :o)

All the best,
Sara & Todd [August 2008]

Anne & Bill

We can't thank you enough for our wonderful wedding weekend. Our goal was to have a wedding where all of our friends and family would be able to spend the entire weekend together and that is exactly what you provided. The service was wonderful, the food was delicious… Thank you for giving us one of the best and most fun weekends of our lives. Our families can’t thank you enough and they can’t wait to come back and visit. You and your family are wonderful. Thanks again.

Meghan & Tappy [October 2007]

Dear Anne & Bill

We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for providing such a wonderful setting for Brenna & Marc's wedding weekend. You and your staff took care of our every need so thoughtfully and graciously. Many of our guests commented to us how lovely everything was and how friendly and competent your staff was. Hopefully some of these comments found their way to you both also.

Peg & Al [July 2007]

Hi Anne,

I can't put to words how much we appreciate every little thing you, Bill and your staff did to make our wedding soooo special. It was everything I imagined and more! We promise we will be back. Again, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We loved every moment we spent with you.

Holly & Dave D.

Bill and Anne:

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with the wedding. The weekend turned out to be absolutely perfect. We couldn't have dreamed of anything more. The guests are still raving about the lodge and the service.

Toni & Marc

Dear Anne, Bill, and family,

Thank you so much for creating such a warm and beautiful wedding weekend for us and our families. We had such a spectacular time and appreciate all of your hard work - especially during the "band situation"! - with all of our hearts. Our wedding memories will always be joyful - and we are grateful you were a part of that!

Thank you so much!
Jason & Meredith

Dear Bill and Anne,

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for all of your hard work in making our wedding weekend turn out perfectly! It was everything we imagined and more. Our guests continue to tell us over and over what a great time they had and how beautiful the lodge and its surroundings are. Between the animals, the hikes, the lake, Mountain Meadows made everyone happy. The food, drinks, atmosphere and service were all terrific as well!

Thanks again,
Doug and Lisa Young

20 August 2006
Dear Anne & Bill and all the staff:

I want to thank you so very much for making my daughter's wedding a beautiful & joyous occasion. We all had so much fun - the singing & dancing was just what David & Jessica wanted. This place will always be special to us & we thank you again. You may see the B's again for a family reunion. Love & Peace,
Suzanne & Tom

For Lisa and Doug's wedding on June 17th, you put together a magnificent wedding and weekend, one of the best that we've ever attended! My children, ages 6 and 9, had a wonderful time, as did my husband and I. Mountain Meadows Lodge has so much charm and beauty, the staff were so friendly and helpful, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was so relaxing.

My parents, my brothers' family and our family will keep Mountain Meadows Lodge in mind when we plan our next family vacation.

Thanks so much again,
Janice C., Old Saybrook, CT

Anne & Bill:

Thank you for coordinating our beautiful wedding. Everything was done wonderfully. You two have done an incredible job taking over. We’ll stop by as we hike through Mountain Meadows.

Michelle & Jeremy

What fun! Our guests loved the waterfall hike and fishing. The kids fell in love with your farm animals. We thought the staff and atmosphere were exceptional… our outdoor wedding truly had it all… many thanks.

Bride and Groom